Monday, January 2, 2012

Kids CARS 2™ #USAFreebies!

Age 6+ Get Great Freebies!

Kellogg's™ CARS 2™ Freebies Program  Ends 06/30/12
CARS 2 Your Passport to Adventure!
Kelloggs is offering USA kids age 6+ and the young at heart great Cars2™ Freebies! Free Shipping too!

Get in the race! Pick up specially marked boxes of Kellogg's® products, enter codes online to collect CARS 2 points, and you're off to the races! Register today for an account and start fueling up on awesome stuff!
(1 code = 1 point)

How to Get awesome Grand Prix rewards.

1. Collect codes printed inside specially marked participating products.
2. Go online at to enter your codes into your account. Kids, get permission before going online. Must be 6 years old or older.
3. Redeem points for your choice of CARS 2-themed rewards. Codes must be entered and redeemed by 6/30/2012.

You can enter up to 8 codes per day,and up to a maximum of 30 codes per account during the program.

Check out the great Freebies available!

  • Bonus material - funny reel and movie trailer (no points required)
  • Screensaver (1 point)
  • Spy Pen (3 points)
  • Gas Cash (4 points)
  • Concession Cash (4 points)
  • Pocket Translator (6 points)
  • Soccer Ball (8 points).

Have fun! I’m really curious about the translator and Spy pen.What are they like? Drop us a comment and give us your opinion about these freebies.

Looking forward to Tweeting you!

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