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#Freebies Free Veggies in Wild Recipe from My Yard- Dandelion Wild Rose Naan Rounds!

USA Freebie Finders Need Free Veggies? Try Eating Wild!

Budget strapped? Need fresh veggies? Have you tried eating wild?
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Intrigued by recipes using natural wild ingredients? Today's recipe features delicious June gleanings we discovered while staying at Long Beach Cottages and Trailer Resort, just outside Lindsay, Ontario off Highway 35.
image Kawartha Lakes Cottage Treat - Naan with Wild Edibles Nean bread round topped with wild edible infused cream cheese
Kawartha Lakes Cottage Treat - Naan with Wild Edibles
We were recently blessed with an invitation to spend a few days at Long Beach Cottages and Trailer Park where they are known for great fishing. To our delight, we also discovered Johnny and Sarah do not use any pesticides at the resort, which means the wild vegetation is safe to use in recipes. Here is a delicious recipe we create with a touch of the wild vegetation near the 3-Bedroom Cottage we enjoyed while at Long Beach Cottages and Trailer Resort.
 Do you have a delicious recipe you might suggest to us using some of these wild ingredients?

Naan on the Wildside Featuring Wild Roses 

Important: Before using any wild vegetation in this recipe, be sure no pesticides are in use in the area. Do not use all the wild vegetation in the area either. This recipe uses only a touch of wild vegetation. Remember - only eat dandelion leaves before 3 pm as they are a natural diuretic.
Quantity: Makes 1 Lunch Appetizer

  • Dandelion - 3 Baby leaves, yellow petals from 1 Blossom [Did you know Dandelions were brought here as a treasured medicinal plant?]
  • White Clover - petals from 3 White Clover Blossoms 
    Kawartha Lakes Wild Edible - White Clover Blossoms
  • Wild Rose Petals- petals from 5 pollinated Wild Roses 
  • Wild Grape - 2 tendrils 
  • Cream Cheese - 2 Tablespoons 
  • Orange- Juice and zest from 1/4 an orange. 
  • Naan Bread - 1 Small Round 
  1. In the morning, after the dew has dried, watch the bees as they visit the wild rose blossoms by your cottage.
    Bees Pollinating Kawartha Lakes Wild Roses at Long Beach Cottages
    Pluck only the petals from the wild roses after the bees have pollinated them. 
  2.  Choose only the tiniest leaves from a dandelion, and use only the yellow petals from a dandelion blossom. 
  3. Finely chop 2 tendrils from a wild grape vine. Reserving a tiny curl for garnish.
    Kawartha Lakes Wild Edibles Grape Tendrils
  4. Mix orange zest and orange juice with cream cheese. 
  5. Reserving 5 Wild Rose petals, the smallest dandelion leaf, and a tiny curl of wild grape vine for garnish chop remaining ingredients and combine with cream cheese mixture. 
  6. Spread cream cheese mixture on Naan Bread round and garnish with reserved wild toppings. 
Serving Suggestion: Serve as a luncheon or mid-afternoon snack flanked by orange wedges.
Naan on the Wild Side Featuring Kawartha Lakes Wild Edibles
Interested in Wild Edibles?
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What recipe would you  make using some of these wild ingredients?

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I hope my south of the border friends and family will find this recipe handy for stretching their budgets.

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