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#Ad 5 Reasons You Lose Money Doing Surveys!

USA Freebie Finders Online Surveys Not Paying? Try This!

Many people sign up with online survey companies hoping to make money.
Are you getting as much as you thought you would?
Most people don't.
5 Reasons You Lose Money Doing Surveys!

This post has five of the most common mistakes people make when joining online survey companies.
 Stop making these mistakes, and you may find your time online more rewarding.
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What are these five common mistakes survey takers make?

Here is what you want to avoid.

Five Reasons You Are Not Making Money with Surveys

I have been doing online surveys with several companies over the last few years.
Sometimes people say,
"Oh I tried doing surveys, but I never made any money."
Here are five of the most common reasons people don't make money online doing surveys.
  1. Survey Mistake One - Signing with a minimum payout survey company.Most survey companies have a minimum cash out of $10 to $20. This can be frustrating if you put in hours doing surveys and not finding many that suit your demographic. One survey company with no minimum cash out is QuickRewards  With Quick Rewards; you can cash out through PayPal daily. Quick- simple.
  2. Survey Mistake Two - Using the Wrong Equipment. Yes, mobile is the way of the future.However, most surveys are only compatible with desktop computers. True, you can waste your time doing the pre-qualifier survey on your cell phone, but When it gets to the real survey, most will only work on your desktop.
  3. Survey Mistake Three - Not checking the survey company's social media accounts. Some survey companies like Quick Rewards offer tips on completing more surveys successfully on their social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Survey companies want you to be successful doing surveys, because when you ate successful,they are successful.Quick Rewards also posts contests on their social media accounts for participants to win even more rewards. 
  4. Survey Mistake Four - Signing with survey companies that only offer surveys. Having multiple ways of gaining rewards will increase your earnings. Quick Rewards,for example offers many ways to gain rewards besides surveys - for example - watching videos,playing games,  and listening to the radio online.Join QuickRewards and get rewarded for taking surveys, visiting websites, playing games, shopping at over 1,300 stores, trying out products, signing up for offers, reading emails, printing grocery coupons and much more!
  5. Survey Mistake Five - Not Following Up.  There are several things you'll want to stay on top of to improve your survey experince snd rewards level.
    Follow up and ensure you are being rewarded for the surveys snd actions ypu take.Use a notebook to track which surveys you do and tge reward levels and check that you have been credited. Sometimes machine errors hapoen, so follow up. What about error messages? Getting an error  message partway through a survey can be really frustrating. Take a screen shot and send a message to the administrator of the survey website. They will be grateful and by helping point to errors, you will encounter fewer errors on the website. Remember, the survey company only succeeds when you succeed.
So, now that you know the five most common survey mistakes standing in the way of your succeeding with surveys, we hope our south of the border family and friends will find these tips handy for stretching their budget.

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