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#Frugal Tip - Free Food From Garbage?

USA Freebie Finders Need Free Food? Try This!

Free food? Many people pass by free food every day and don't even realize it. Until we experienced desperate straights, I had little knowledge of food that was available around me. This post has some tips about free food that may surprise you.
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What kinds of free food are we talking about?

Well, there are several kinds of free food.

Free Food Types

Some types of free foods are:

  • Foraged Food - wild edibles 
  • Re-Grown Garbage - discarded produced planted
  • Stacked Coupon Freebies

Free Food - Foraged Foods

Caution must be used when eating wild edibles. Do not pick wild edibles from the roadside or anywhere toxic sprays or fumes may have affected the plants. Be sure to really know what ut is that you are picking. There are many plants that may even have poisonous parts in different seasons.Some wild edibles we have tried include:

  • Young Dandelion leaves and blossoms
  • Young Bulrush stems
  • Clover Blossoms 
  • Wild Rose petals and violet petals
  • Wild strawberries and grapes
Have you tried any foraged foods?

Free Food - Regrown Garbage

If you ask the produce manager, for discarded vegetables for your compost heap, you may find some very good bits for starting a garbage garden.
Alternately, you may find the start of a garbage garden right in your own home.
Our most successful attempts with garbage gardening have been:
  • Beets - we planted some mushy beets and have snipped off the young leaves repeatedly for  iron-rich salads.
  • Fennel - after cutting off the tops we find the tops grow back quite well.
  • Onions - Just keep snipping off the green tops for in salads.
  • Garlic - Snip the tops for in salads. Note: These need ALOT of ventilation .They are STINKY!
Here is a photo of our beets growing in a container.
There are quite a few Pinterest posts showing how people regrow celery, but we haven't been very successful with it. Ours grows a bit, then starts to spoil.

What Regrown garbage have you been successful growing?

Free Food - Coupon Stacking

Yes, it is sometimes possible to get free food with coupons.
How can you get free food with coupons?
Even in Canada, where there are no places doing double coupons, we have been able to get free food by combining:
  • Sales
  • Price Matching
  • Coupons - some stores offer double coupons
  • Store Rewards
  • Rebates
By combining all these  methods you can get free food too!
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We hope our south of the border family and friends will find these tips handy for stretching their budgets.

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