Sunday, January 15, 2017

Free Food From Garbage - Carrots [Garbage Gardening]

USA Freebie Finders Need Free Food Ideas? Try Growing Your Garbage!

Enjoy the challenge of stretching your budget?
One way to put some fun into your budget stretching is by starting a garbage garden.
What ???
A garbage garden?
Today's post includes a video I shot of our garbage garden, as well as a few tips to help you get your garbage garden started.
Do you grow garbage too?
I would love to see your garbage garden!
Be sure to leave a link to your pics or videos in the comments below, so I can share then with our readers!
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Today's post is about growing carrots from garbage and has links to more garbage garden ideas too!
What carrots from garbage?

Growing Garbage - Carrots

Hey frugal friends!
I shot this little clip of my garbage garden after writing my previous garbage garden post.
Do you have some carrots that are looking a little sad?
Don't throw them out!
Throw them in a post of soil and they will rejuvenate!
Plus you can make a salad from the carrot tops!
Short on space?
You'll want to check out this post about an amazing American invention that lets you grow a ton of food in a just a tiny space!
There are lots of items that you may be tossing in the garbage that you can use to stretch your food budget!
In the video, you'll see me blathering on about this post I wrote last year about growing beets in our garbage garden.
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Want to see our garbage garden beets?
Check out my first garbage garden post here.
Do you have a garbage garden too?
I would love to see your pics and videos too!
We hope our south of the border family and friends will find this tip handy for stretching their budgets.

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