Thursday, October 9, 2014

Free Online Grammar Check Can Save You Bundles!

How Not Using Grammarly Cost Us Big Time!

FTC Disclaimer: USA Freebies N Deals is pleased to be a new affiliate for Grammarly, so we can  put food on our table while sharing this excellent tool.
We write hundreds of words daily, but often we're too close to our topic to spot our errors. Do you make typos too? Some of our typos have been doozies! One of our typos almost landed us in court! Where can you get a proofreader and keep to deadlines?  Grammarly free online proofreader is available 24 -7. What is Grammarly?
Glad you asked.

Grammarly Provides a Better Blink!

Grammarly gives an extra pair of eyes to help improve your writing. How we wish we'd known about Grammarly a couple of years ago. Why?  Grammarly corrects grammar, spelling, word choice, style mistakes and even plagiarism! How many errors can you spot in this piece? Grammarly found 12 errors!

Typos That Landed Us in Hot Water - Has This Happened Yo YOU? 

Many of our readers know that we also write some local news blogs. Some of our biggest typos have happened in the haste of trying to quickly post to Omemee Pigeon eFlyer. While many people realize these were innocent mistakes, one organization threatened to take us to court for defamation of character! What kind of errors have you made? Here are three of our typos:
  1. Seniors Lynching at Legion! Join in the Fun! - Not what the Omemee Seniors had in mind for their potluck announcement.
  2. Check Out the Youngtown Ham! This caption was not appreciated by the coordinator of the Youngtown Jam; especially since he was on the stage in the picture.
  3. Come to Omemee! Shoot Animals, Trees, People! Okay, that one was written "accidentally on purpose" to announce the first Omemee Thanksgiving photowalk, but I think you get the idea.
Have you made typos like these? What grammar errors have caused problems for you?

How Can You Benefit from Grammarly Free Grammar Check?

Who uses Grammarly's proofreading? How do they use it?
    • Students and Academia- Proofread essays and academic papers. 
    • Professionals  - Polish emails, memos and proposals. 
    • Job Applicants - Edit resumes and cover letters. 
    • Authors and Writers - Proofread editorial copy, blog posts, and stories. 
    • English Learners and Native Speakers - Spell check, improve text and writing skills. 
    • Medical and Technical Writers - Grammar check medical reports, product descriptions and white papers. 
How could Grammarly help you?

Grammarly Offers a Free Online Grammar Check

Simply copy and paste or upload a file, and Grammarly will zip through your text, then give you an instant free report. Grammarly is also currently offering  a FREE seven day trial of their in depth reports, as well as a 20% off -  on top of their longer term discounts!
Don't just take our word for it, Take Grammarly for a free trial run, and see how it can be an invaluable tool for your writing.
Have you tried Grammarly? Did you find our 12 errors? What is your Grammarly score?
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