Tuesday, August 2, 2016

5 Surprising Ways You Could Be Richer Today!

USA Freebie Finders Need Free Money ? Try These Ideas!

You may be richer than you think! Free money?
Really? Here are five tips plus a bonus that may put extra money in your budget by the end of the day.
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Yes, checking your pockets and the couch cushions could get you extra cash in your budget -for today, but what about extra cash on a monthly basis?
You will be surprised how simple changes like changing your phone plan can do for your budget.TV, Internet and Phone offers are just a click away - CableMover.com

Monthly free money?

Here are 5 simple changes plus ond you can make that can put extra money in your budget on a monthly basis.

5 Surprising Changes That Give You More Money!

These simple changes will help you get your ducks err... money in a row.

  1. Check your communication bill. Are you getting the best phone,TV and internet rate? Are you sure?Can you get something cheaper? Change! Sure, you shopped around when you first signed up with your current company and it was the best rate you could find.Are you sure it is still the best deal? TV, Internet and Phone offers are just a click away - CableMover.com 
  2. Check your bank charges. Find something cheaper? Change! Banking is very competitive now. We do our banking with a company that has no charges for basic personal accounts AND they reward us for using our bank card in different stores!
  3.  Check your insurance rates! Find a cheaper rate? Change!  Some things to ask about AND apply for  include - multiple policy discount; years of safe driving discount; Christian discount; no smoking discount; high marks discount and more.Are you driving less?This can also reduce your insurance rate.Also investigate the savings of paying annually  instead of monthly.
  4. Check your utility billing. Has your income decreased?  You may be eligible for special incentives for people with low incomes. Does your hydro billing vary with time of day usage? Change when you are using major hydro sucking appliances. Change to line drying clothes from using the dryer. Changing even one light bulb at a time to LEDs will put more cash in your wallet.
  5. Change your search engine for browsing online. Does your search engine share their profits with you? No? By using Swagbucks we've received over $200 in gift cards and you can too. See how to get $6 quick bucks from Swagbucks in this blog post. 
Change the free games you are playing. Are your free games giving you real prizes? No? Play free games on this site.
Playing games like Knock Out Trivia gives you bonus entries in a Daily Grand draw. You could win tons  of prizes including one of two $20 gift cards. Find out more about getting real prizes for playing games here.

We hope our south of the border family and friends will find thsee tips handy for stretching their budgets.

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