Friday, August 14, 2009

4 Steps to Save money on Prescriptions! Handy AARP tool!(USA)

Don't Fall Into the Doughnut Hole!

Adapted From Medicare & Drug Benefits - Health Issues for Seniors- AARP

Have Medicare Part D for Seniors? You may be at risk of falling into the coverage gap, or "doughnut hole." Follow these steps & use Use this handy tool to save money!

4 Steps to Save money on Prescriptions!

  1. Get your medications & drug plan card together before you start. Enter your zip code & select your plan from the list.
  2. Enter the name of each drug, its dosage, & how often you take it.
  3. See the chart for the year to see if you’re likely to hit the doughnut hole.
  4. Explore a list of other drugs that do the same job as the ones you take now that could cut your expenses and stretch your coverage. Print out the form letter to ask your doctor whether switching to the lower-cost drug(s) would work for you.

Take a video tour of the tool.

Use the Tool

Click here for the Handy "Doughnut Hole Calculator",

(Medicare & Drug Benefits - AARP)

1 comment:

Lily said...

I found a prescription discount card to use while in the dough-nut hole. It's at

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