Monday, January 9, 2012

Hate Bank Card Fees? Suze Orman Unveils Approved Card™!

Suze Orman Creates Approved Card - Battling Big Bank Fees!

Suze Orman, financial guru. helps people avoid debt and get their finances back in order. Suze's new 'Approved Card™' was created to help people avoid debt,and lower transaction fees. Suze calls it a 'people first card'.

'The Approved Card™ is a prepaid card that puts PEOPLE FIRST once and for all. And, a promise of unrivalled benefits, innovation and value with no hidden fees. The Approved Card will connect you with your money in a way no other card does.'writes Suze adding,' I am not just endorsing it; I CREATED it from the ground up.'

How is The Approved Prepaid Mastercard® Better Than Cash?

The Approved Prepaid Mastercard®— is being offered as'the card that’s better than cash'.At first glance, it is difficult to see how paying $3 a month is better than using your cash for free. However,if you have ever tried to reserve a hotel room without a credit card,or make an online purchase,you'll know your options are limited. And really,are you sure you want to carry your cash around with you? Most people realize using a card is much safer than cash.The real beauty of the card, is that it acts as a brake on your budget. Up to 4 people can have a card connected to the account at no additional fee, making it a great way to teach teens to budget as well, and offers peace of mind for as low as .75 per month.

How is The Approved Prepaid Mastercard® Better Than a Debit Card?

How The Approved Prepaid Mastercard® differs from a regular debit card,is that it does not allow you acess to your full amount on deposit,only the amount you have electronically uploaded to the card.In addition,you receive automatic updates about your bank balance with each use -it's like having a Jiminy Cricket watching your bank balance.Since you can only spend what you load onto your card,so it can also help curb impulse purchases.In addition,using this card wisely can help improve your credit score-unlike deposits and withdrawals on debit cards which are invisible to the credit bureau.In addition, looking at The Approved Prepaid Mastercard® fee schedule, with the multitude of free transactions and services available it beats most bank fees hands down

How is The Approved Prepaid Mastercard® Better Than Other Prepaid Credit Cards?

How The Approved Prepaid Mastercard®,seems to differ from a regular prepaid credit card, is the lack of charges for uploading money each time,as well as the minimum amount required per upload. Most prepaid credit cards require at least $100 be uploaded, whereas with The Approved Prepaid Mastercard® you only need to place a direct deposit or bank transfer of $20 every 30 days to qualify for free withdrawals and more.

The Approved Prepaid Mastercard® Revolutionizing American Debt Crisis One Person At A Time!

CBS Good Morning America audience viewers were front row and centre for this morning's launch of Suze Oman's Approved Card™. Here are the benefits of the card:.
How The Approved Card™ Will Revolutionize Americans' Finances

With The Approved Card™, you can only spend what you load on the card—so you can’t get into debt using it. It’s even better than using cash. Load it and use it every day! Use it to pay bills, for everyday purchases, or to set up an emergency fund.

What makes The Approved Card™ unlike any other card out there?

  • LOW $3.00 Monthly Fee!
  • FREE use of over 35,000 Allpoint® ATMs nationwide when you enroll in Direct Deposit*
  • FREE Identity Theft Monitoring from TrustedID®
  • FREE TransUnion® credit report and score with UNLIMITED updates
  • FREE 24/7 email updates of critical changes to your TransUnion® credit reports
  • FREE Activity Alerts and Balance Updates by text and/or e-mail**
  • FREE Online Bill Pay
  • FREE Emergency Fund Account
  • Your deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC.
  • FREE Personalized Approved Card Dashboard

The Approved Card™ by Suze Orman Receives Frugal Finance Seal of Approval

The Approved Card™ by Suze Orman gets the YrHelper Infonut Frugal Finance Seal of Approval. My only question is how soon will it be before Canada gets a similar card? This post is my opinion and was not sponsored in any way. What's your opinion? Please add your comments below.

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