Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Set 10/14 UPdated: Get Your Purrfect Match FREE! ASPCA Cats Over Three FREE!

SAVE Money Adopting Mature Pets!

Sept 10 /14 update : ASPCA changed their website links, so here it is all updated, Yup they still have this offer. Wallie is still with us, and keeps a close watchful eye on me - especially when dogs come to visit that we dog sit!
ASPCA offers cats over three free. While few can resist cute little kittens, there are many advantages to adopting a cat over three years of age. With an older cat ,you have a better idea of their full grown size, and their personality. The ASPCA even has a neat free quiz to help match you up with the perfect cat to match your personality.
ASPCA offers free cats over 3 and a free online matching service
Get a purrfect free cat matched to suit you!

We Love Our Older Cats

Our family's older cats are just as playful now as when they were younger, but much more affectionate. Mind you,each has their own distinct personality,and traits. For example, Wallenda - named after the Flying Wallenda brothers, believes she is part parrot, and will jump from the floor to my shoulder,walk around to my ear,shove her nose in,purer,then happily ride around the house either perched parrot style,or draping herself as a scarf around my neck. Wallie also enjoys going for walks!
On the other hand, Sophia is a dainty princess,who loves to chases after a paper on a string, 'chat,' with a bottle fly to try to coax it from the window, and enjoys making a bed on her pillow especially on your lap, trilling while she daintily kneads it.
I highly recommend adopting 2 cats,as you can get much enjoyment from seeing their distinct personalities,and interactions. Ours bathe each other, much as a mother cat does with her kittens! I can't guarantee your experiences will be e same as ours, but who knows the joy you could be missing?
Go to the ASPCA site for more information and you could be bringing home your purrfect match for FREE!

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