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#AD Free Online Courses! What Do YOU Want to Learn? [Craftsy Partner Review]

Back To School With Craftsy!

FTC Disclaimer: I was pleased to be chosen as a Craftsy affiliate. This helps us put food on our table at no extra cost to our readers when they sign up for free online mini Courses , download Free Craftsy patterns, or shop with Craftsy.  For more info see our policies page.
Back to School! These free online mini Craftsy Courses may help you launch a new career, or  save you a ton of money with practical skills.
Want to Learn a new skill ? Want to increase your prowess? Craftsy offers free online mini Courses on a wide range of subjects and ability levels. As an affiliate, I was offered a full Craftsy course free and there are so many, that it's hard to decide even just among the classes that are on sale, so I'm trying out a few of the free mini courses first.

Why Craftsy Courses are Great For Our Family

Being ordered to bed rest, makes Craftsy online courses ideal for me. I can take them at any time that's convenient, and get lifetime access to any courses. Another thing I love about Craftsy courses, I can download them to our phone and watch them any time, anywhere.  No need to wait till my teen is done with the computer.
My teen can also enjoy Craftsy courses without needing a ride to get to classes - that's a huge savings on transportation. Then there's our winters. Winters? Yes, offline classes get postponed or cancelled due to bad weather so often it can be difficult to retain skills from lesson to lesson.These are just a few reasons Craftsy online courses are great for our family. I took Sewing 911, and loved it - and even though it is not in the list of free available courses now, I still have access to it.
Right now I'm taking the free mini course Sewing Ready Machine Basics

Free Craftsy Course Review- Sew Ready Machine Basics

I highly recommend the Free Craftsy Mini Course - Sew Ready Machine Basics as an introduction to see how the courses work.  Have you done a fair bit of sewing like me?  You too may be surprised what you learn in the four lessons in  Sew Ready Machine Basics . I learned a tonne! My sewing knowledge was handed down from my nana who was a seamstress, so I had missed out on a lot of the basics. I love the free handy free printables that come with this course too.
 Free Craftsy Mini Course - Sew Ready Machine Basics
Free Craftsy Mini Course - Sew Ready Machine Basics
For my free choice i'm debating whether to take: Sew Better, Sew Faster Skill building Course, or the new Mastery Course - Pattern Making and Design: Creative Sleeves  Craftsy has 84 Online Sewing Courses on Sale right now including The Costume Box - Dressup for Every Day and Holidays

 USA Deal: Learn to Make Costumes
USA Freebies N Deals - Deal Review The Costume Box

The Costume Box - Dress up for Every Day and Holidays. What a fun course - and timely too! I could learn how to make a tonne of costumes - tutus, wings, pirates, boot covers, wands, crowns, hooded capes and more -just in time for holiday season! I wonder how many neighbourhood children might like a personalized costume in their favorite colours? The Costume Box - Dress up for Every Day and Holidays would also be perfect for when I get back on my feet and into the classroom again. It offers a tonne of costuming tips that would be perfect for school plays.The Costume Box - Dress up for Every Day and Holidays. is onsale  so for only 9.99 
Really though, I should stick to something I can do with my feet in the air. Hmmm.. Maybe crochet?

Free Craftsy Courses We Might Take - Decisions Decisions

Craftsy has over 35 Free Online Mini Courses that can help you save money on everything from gardening, to clothes, to furniture, to gifts,  to special occasion baking. I can't list them all here right now, and be warned the list of free mini-classes does change, so if there's a free one you like, grab it now!  Here are a couple of  the free mini Courses we are thinking of taking:
USA Freebie - Free Crochet Course -Beads, Ribbing Cables
USA Freebies: Free Crochet Course - Textures
Here is a course I can do with my feet in the air! I've often wanted to learn how to crochet with beads. Amazing Crochet textures free mini course also includes ribbing and cables! Sweet!
 USA Freebies: Free Wood Cabinetry Class
USA Freebies: Free Wood Cabinetry Class
We desperately need more cabinets. DD and I put together some pre-fabs, but we'd love to build with real wood.
 USA FReebies: Free Course Knife Skills Cut Prep time in half!
USA Freebies: Free Course - Complete Knife Skills
Save time and money with this free class. Complete Knife Skills helps cut prep time in half!  Our high school does not offer Home Ec, so this would be great for us both. Less time in the kitchen means more time for crafting
I hope my south of the border friends  and family will find this freebie handy for stretching their budgets.

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