Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Creative Ways to Pay Your Taxes![Humour]

Paying Taxes with Swagbucks!

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Our local tax department want to know how we'd like to pay our taxes. Not if, but how. I'm thinking of adding Swagbucks as an option. Swagbucks? How can you pay your taxes using Swagbucks?
Glad you asked!

How To Pay Taxes Using Swagbucks

Did you know you can pay your taxes using Swagbucks? Swagbucks? Wondering what on earth Swagbucks are? Check out this post I wrote on Kawartha Lakes Mums. It may surprise you, but yes, you can pay your water bill and property taxes with Swagbucks. Okay.... not directly, but it can be done.
Pay your Kawartha Lakes Taxes Using Swagbucks Cheque made out to City of Kawartha Lakes with Swagbucks
You Can Pay Taxes Using Swagbucks
Have you ever paid bills with other forms of tender? Up here, north of the border, people sometimes pay bills in odd creative ways. One gentleman in Peterborough, Ontario paid a fine using beer bottles, and I've heard of people buying everything from restaurant meals to recording sessions using Canadian Tire Money. Air miles points another rewards program, are now being accepted by many stores as cash, but my greatest stash of reward points is with Swagbucks.
How do you pay your taxes with Swagbucks? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Win a stash of Swagbucks.
  2. Go to the Swagbucks rewards store and choose PayPal Gift cards in the denominations you need.
  3. Transfer your PayPal cash into your bank account.
Now you have the cash in your bank account and can pay your taxes by check, bank transfer or automatic debit, or even debit card. Wouldn't it be simpler though if we could pay directly with Swagbucks?
What do you think they would say to this suggestion at City Hall? Have you ever paid for something with an unusual form of tender? What other ways could you make paying taxes a little less of a chore or put a bit of fun into it? Hmmm... How about personalized cheques?

Personalized Cheques -Make A Statement Paying Your Taxes!

Paying bills with personalized checks allows you to make a statement with each check you write. has 2,500 different checks. While their specialty is business checks with security features that are easily integrated with book keeping systems, they also checks for as low as $7.50 and many fun options too. What kind of statement would you like to send?
How about:
Personalized Marbles Checks- Did You Lose These?
Personalized Checks- Emoticon : You Want How Much? See more EmoticanChecks
Personalized Checks  Flying Pigs- When Pigs Fly
Personalized Owl Check- Spend This Wisely
On the other hand, you might like to convey a lasting statement with
Check out all the fun options, as well as some great economical checks, and business checks with security features and easy book keeping integration, at
We hope this post finds our south of the border friends in good humour, and that these tips will help you stretch your budget a little further too.

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