Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#Giveaway On BlogLovin? Enter to Win a $500 Gift Card! Open to USA only!

USA Freebie Finders Love Kirna Zabete Fashions? Enter to Win a $500 Gift Card!

Bloglovin is a great way to follow your Favourite blogs, and share favourite posts from your favourite blogs, and if you're a blogger, share the content of your blog, plus for a limited time, BlogLovin is offering users in the United States a fab $500 Gift Card to Kima Zabete. Why do I love Blog Lovin?
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Glad you asked

BlogLovin Fab Blog Content Sharing Platform

I discovered Bloglovin through a button on another blog, and I love it both as a way to follow my favourite blogs and for sharing my blog content. 

Finding Great Content Through BlogLovin

One of my favourite things is searching Bloglovin through my email. Say for example I'm looking for a Free Blogger opp, All I have to do is search my email for free blogger opp, and it will pull up all the free blogger opps that have been blogged on the blogs I'm following.
I hope my south of the border friends will find this coupon handy for stretching their budget. See the link to this coupon in the related links below.

Sharing Blog Content Through BlogLovin

Sharing Blog Content Through BlogLovin is great. Not only does Blog Content look Fab on Bloglovin, but it is easy peasy, because BlogLovin'  automatically syndicates posts to their platform AND you can choose to auto syndicate your content through your Twitter and Facebook account too. However, if you're a Bloggers like myself and have several different blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts, like me, you may have the same wish that I do- the ability to link different blogs to different Facebook Pages and different Twitter accounts. 
image US Freebies N Deals on BlogLovin
US Freebies N Deals on BlogLovin
To syndicate your blog content to your Facebook page, use Facebook as your page, then log into Bloglovin' and slide the switch to the right under "Get more Followers"
If you only have two blogs, you could syndicate one to Facebook, and the other to Twitter. Alternately, set up a Facebook page where you will share all your posts, and a Twitter account for all your posts as well.
You'll notice that blogs look best on BlogLovin, when they have an image.

BlogLovin Tips for Affiliate Bloggers

If you are blogging affiliate offers, make sure you create a separate image for your post, because many affiliate banners do not show on BlogLovin'. This can be as simple as a screen shot - which only takes a second, or for increased SEO, paste an image into a template. I use Google Drive to create images for my posts.

What Do you love about Blog Lovin'? 

Take part in their survey at the link in related links below.
image USA freebies Giveaway - BlogLovin Survey
USA Giveaway - BlogLovin Survey

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What do you love about BlogLovin?

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