Tuesday, June 9, 2015

#AD #Freebie Free Listing! Make Money Online - Selling Your Stuff! [Review]

USA Freebie Finders Need A Great Place to Sell Your Stuff? Try This!

Need to make money? No place to hold a yard sale or faced with lousy weather or illness? Have you thought od selling items online but been put off by high commission fees?
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Have you tried Offerbyu.com ? They even have a free express membership available! How can you make money online through Offer byyou?
Glad You asked!

OfferByU - Sell Online: No Commission Fee! No Listing Fee! 

Selling your crafts or previously loved treasures online? With OfferByU,  money goes straight into your PayPal account! For a limited time, 
OfferByU is even offering a FREE express membership which includes one  listing with Unlimited FREE Relisting!
OfferByU sell online for free no commission
OferByU - Sell Online for Free- No Commission! No Listing Fee!

How Does OfferBy U Work?  Easy Peasy!

List your items for sale now!  Start making money online now, it's easy with OfferByU.com.

  1. Simply pick a category where you want to have your item listed, and 
  2. Fill out one simple form. 
You control where and when your listing will appear.

What Can You Sell on OfferByU? 

Sell anything you want or don’t want – your old things that you don’t need, junk that is lying around your house.
Anyone can do it!
And the best thing on all is that by selling it on OfferByU you will never pay a commission on sales!
No hidden fees and no surprises.
By selling on their website you are guaranteed that you will never pay a commission or see a bill from them.
Need some tips on getting the most for your items? OfferByU shares the following ideas.

3 Tips for Selling Items Online with OfferByU

Selling on the internet can be a bit challenging, especially when you don't have the right tools or you are new to online sales. OfferByU.com, tries to make things easier for users by providing flexible, non-complicated selling tools, and educating online sellers on how to succeed as online, internet seller. Here are some tips and advice on how to sell your items on the internet and make some money online.

  1.  Price products correctly: Pricing products too high or even too low can make a potential buyer hesitate. Before you decide on the price, do a bit of research and found out the price similar products are sold for by other sellers online. Evaluate the condition of your product or item for sale, and how many are out there for sale. Depending on all those factors (condition, availability, and other sellers’ prices) you can come up with a price that will make your listing more attractive to the buyers. 
  2. Think like a buyer: You need to concentrate only on serious buyers. You need to be more informative, and provide as much helpful information as you can. Try to address every possible question that a potential buyer might have related to the purchase; provide details that will help to make a sale. 
  3. Post more photos: Buyers don't pay attention to offer listings that don't have pictures or photos. Post at least 2 or 3 pictures. Also, make sure pictures are good quality and good size. Pictures should show the entire product. Good photos will attract more visitors and more potential buyers to your offer listing. 
When you list your itemss for sale on OfferByU be sure to shout it to me on Twitter @USFreebieFinder and we'll try our best to give it a RT.
OfferByU buy sell online marketplace Sell anything ! Furniture ,toys,vintage jewelry,clothing No Commission Marketplace!
Find Out More About OfferByU here on their Website
We hope our south of the border friends and relatives will find these tips handy for stretching their budgets.

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