Monday, September 12, 2016

Election Collectibles - Good Investment? Save Big Soon!

USA Freebie Finders Seeking Election Collectibles?Try This!

Election collectibles, especially rare campaign buttons have brought huge returns for some investors.
Did you know one presidential campaign button sold for over $300,000 ! Wow!
With the United States 2016 Presidential election about to wind down, now is the time to keep your eyes peeled for presidential election swag.
How do you know what will be a great collectible?
Here are a few tips you may find useful.
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Knowing which United States presidential election swag will appreciate in value is a difficult prediction, but looking at memorabilia books, there seems to be some patterns that may give an indication of future value.

5 Patterns of USA Presidential Election Swag Value

1. Complete Collections. Have you watched Antique Roadshow Programs on TV? Time and time again you will hear the comment, "If it were the  complete collection it would be - insert huge price, but since you are lacking some pieces, we can only value it at - insert low price here.
2  Signed Items. Watch the value of your presidential election items soar if they are signed. Be sure to try and get to a nearby rally and see if you can get your presidential election items signed. Did you know a signed cowboy hat is listed for almost $2 000? Wow!
3. Personal Presidential Items. These are real treasures if you find them. Now, what is a true collectible in these things is debatable. A discarded tissue with presidential hopeful's DNA may be a long shot. However, a yearbook  signed by a former president is on offer for a huge price! 
4 . Multiple Candidate Items. When you look at the prices presidential election swag is selling for, you will notice pieces with the candidate AND VP running mate sell for higher prices.
5. Paper items. Paper items  used to be a sure thing, but now people are taking better care of flyers and brochures, so this is anybody's guess.

Which Presidential Elrction items do do you think will be great investments?
We hope our south of the border family and friends will find these tips handy for stretching their budget.

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