Sunday, August 16, 2009

Get a Free Site !

Get a free site and increase your business earnings!  For a limited time I am offering to set up a basic blogger  site for anyone donating at least $25 to the NTAF South Atlantic Transplant Fund in Honour of Vicky Corbett

Why a blogsite?

Blogger is the most user friendly and supported interface for getting started on the internet. A blog lets you interact with your customers and gives your business a personal touch.

What will my basic blog set up include?

Your Basic Blog set up includes the following:

1) Gmail account set up (for your customers to contact you)

2) A Blogger blog site with your desired name on it

3)   Profile with photo (you supply the photo)

4) 1 search box from iSearchiGive (generic or your choice of charity)

5) 2 additional "widgets" installed - (I suggest : Navigation links and a Welcome message, but you can choose from any of the widgets I have on my sites or any of the widgets from Google.)

Optional BONUS -  Monthly email suggestions for your site.  I  learning more about using the internet for business everyday and would love to share my discoveries with you!

What do I put on my blog?

1) A contest - If you have a brick and mortar business, try to include something that will entice people to come into your location. 

2) Useful tools -  helpful tools that your customers can use

3) Interesting or entertaining content-  This can be trivia about a product you are selling, important safety advisories, or anything your customers might be interested in. Personalize your information whenever possible.

4) Coupons your customers can print off and use

5) Pictures- A Picture says a thousand words and draws the reader's eye.

Do I have to write every day? NO!

You don't have to write at all if you don't want to. There are many ways of getting content for your blog. You can  schedule posts to appear on  your blog shortly before your customers read  it to keep your blog fresh and interesting.


Refer another Donor For Upgrades and Changes

Each person you refer who donates at least $25 to NTAF South Atlantic Transplant Fund in Honour of Vicky Corbett.  Will entitle you to an additional upgrade such as: making your site easier for people to find with embedded links,  or linking your site to Google maps.

Become a Live Donor for Vicky-Receive monthly upgrades for 1 year!

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