Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to find Great Deals at

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How to Use the eCost Deal Searching tool.

1.Type in the name of what you're looking for.
2. Click "Search"
3. When the page opens, click on the scroll butt to change the sort from "Most Popular" to Price -Low to High to find the best deals at

(I found a  netbook for $199.95 using this method!)

American customers at can take advantage of some great payment options including "Don't pay for 6 months" and PayPal. (Canadians can only pay by credit card.Drat!)

My advice? Choose the "Don't pay for 6 months" Stick the cash in a bank account that offers good interest rates, then pay the account after 5 months. You'll have a great deal and made some money to boot! (Don't wait till month 6 to pay- you never know what may happen in month 6 and you'll be paying through the teeth for your great deal if you miss the deadline.)

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