Saturday, September 12, 2009

How to save Money on Your Wedding

When I got married money was so tight a found penny seemed like a windfall. There are many ways you can have a nice wedding without breaking the bank. Inexpensive doesn't have to look cheap or cobbled together.Browse though online sites or bridal magazines at the library, find your ideal items and duplicate them with panache.

1) Look for Freebies - There are several websites dedicated to keeping the earth green. Check out all the Freecycle blogs for things people are giving away. post notices to let people know what you're seeking. Keep an eye on Freebies blogs for ideas too. Click Here for Freebies4Canada

2) DIY - There are tons of simple things you can do yourself for your wedding from sewing your bridal gown to catering the wedding. Take a tip from fashion layouts that show the expensive look on one page and the inexpensive version on the opposite page. DIY doesn't have to look homemade or cobbled together.

3). Barter for services. There are some things you will need others to do. Trade something for their help. Elliott Neim. founder eCommerce Quebec,  has "had functions held in a hall, with catered food, Déjà, and flowers all taken cared of by (his) Barter Network. (He) even had a photographer come barter his time to memorialize the event." Barter on your own or use a listing service like eCommerce Quebec or SwapSity.

4) Buy previously cherished items or overstocks. BravoBride is an online marketplace where brides, newlyweds and wedding vendors buy and sell new and pre-owned wedding items. Shop for designer dresses, jewellery, accessories, decorations, favours and more. Items are FREE to list, get started today!

5) Shop the Sales.  Start looking for deals on bridal gowns in October. November is usually the best time to get a great price and have the best choice.

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