Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bulk Buying? Do You know What NOT to Get?

Warehouse Deals May NOT be the Best Buy!

Deal Seekers flock to Big Box stores like Costco, Sam’s Club,Wal-mart,and Target to save money by buying in bulk-even paying for the privilege. While Warehouse clubs can offer savings,you can save more by purchasing certain items at supermarket prices When Forbes Magazine compared prices of items at local grocery stores and Warehouse clubs, the results were surprising. Do you know what not to buy in bulk?

How to Get Better Than Warehouse Club Prices

While Warehouse clubs regularly offer incredibly low prices on tons of items, even bigger savings can often be found at your local grocery store — PLUS you won't be trying to stash bulk items all over the house. All it takes is a few minutes to hunt for weekly specials and coupons.
Grocery stores frequently offers specials on items customers buy on a weekly, or monthly basis.  Retailers either loss leaders and try to recover the difference through other purchases, or they work with suppliers who defray the costs as product promos Generally, warehouse clubs don’t use loss leaders, but supermarkets do, which is where you can rake in savings.

Seven Supermarket Steals to Shop:

  1. Pop- Cola is usually at a consistently low price at warehouse clubs, but smart savers can find even better deals in weekly supermarket ads. Best deal? Coke 25 cents per can
  2. Toilet Paper-Forbes found a grocery store deal that was about half the big box store price. They figured this could add up to almost of $60 a year in savings for a family of four.Best deal? Quilted Northern 33 cants per roll.
  3. Paper-Plain white copy paper is regularly practically given away to draw shoppers.. They found  Staples and  Office Depot had deals that were about $2 cheaper than Sam's Club, noting manufacturer rebates can knock that down even further
  4. Snack chips-Pick these up at grad, national holidays, and sports events times. Best deal? Sun chips 23 cents /oz
  5. Dryer Sheets - Best deal? Bounce 4 cents each
  6. Sports Drinks - Best deal? Gatorade 79 cents/32 oz
  7. Produce- Grocery stores usually feature one in-season crop at door breaker prices Best Deal? Grapes 99 cents/lb - just freeze and eat!
Forbes general rule of thumb is:

Use it every day? Shop Supermarket Savings!

What are the best deals you’ve found on these items? What have you found cheaper than Warehouse pricing?
See full details at What not to Buy in Bulk by Laura Heller
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YrHelper Infonut said...

What have you found cheaper than bulk prices? I'm wondering if dish detergent might be another item to add to this list? What do you think?

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