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Easy Upcycle Christmas Craft - DIY Junk Mail TP Roll Candles!

USA Freebie Finders Need A Quick Christmas Craft? Try This!

Need A quick easy upcycle craft? This TP Roll Candle needs only two things - Junk mail and a Toilet tissue roll! No Glue, and in a pinch no scissors!
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Upcycle TP Roll Candle
How do you make this Christmas Candle?
Glad you asked!

Easy Upcycle Christmas TP Candle Craft

Candles have been an important symbol of Christmas for eons. Did you know Martin Luther was the first to light a Christmas tree with Candles?  Symbolizing the light of Christ in the world, On the weeks leading to Christmas through Advent, a candle is lit in church. 
Each year at Christmas our family used to make candles for our doors from left-over Christmas wrap tubes, Christmas paper and ribbon. I was trying to think of a craft kids might be able to do at home if they didn't have any craft supplies. so I created this mini-version from items we had on hand. - a Toilet tissue roll,  and junk mail. How to secure the flame in the candle was a puzzle, until I folded the paper to make the flame - and the light came on! These instructions can also help students learn a few geometry terms. Here's what you need:

Upcycle TP Roll Candle Supplies:

  • Junk Mail with no Printing on one side.
  • Empty Toilet Paper Tube
  • Optional - tape or glue,

Upcycle TP Roll Candle Tools:

Optional - Scissors

Upcycle TP Roll Candle How To:

1. Cut or tear a rectangle of paper about One inch wider than the height toilet paper roll and 1/2 inch longer than the circumference of the toilet paper tube.
image Measure and Cut Junk Mail a bit bigger than the TP Roll
Measure and Cut Junk Mail a bit bigger than the TP Roll

2. Next, roll the Junk Mail around the Toilet tissue roll and tuck the ends in.
image Tuck Ends of Junk Mail Into Toilet Paper Tube
Tuck Ends of Junk Mail Into Toilet Paper Tube
3. Now, cut or tear a flame from Junk Mail that is 1 inch wider than the Toilet Paper Tube. Tip - fold the paper in half for a symmetrical flame. This will also help your flame stand in your candle.
image Christmas Upcycle Toilet paper Candle - Cut Flame From Junk Mail - Larger ThanTP Roll
Cut Flame From Junk Mail - Larger ThanTP Roll
4. Finally, set flame in the Toilet paper tube, and display.
image Finished Upcycled TP Roll Candle
Finished Upcycled TP Roll Candle

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