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#AD Weird Hangover Cures Plus Coupon Savings for Unusual Health Drink!

USA Freebie Finders Battling Hangovers? New Drink Offers Hangover Cure!

Update: Sorry this Giveaway is over . Check their website for another giveaway announcement!
Never Hungover a new health drink created in the USA originally to improve rapid recovery from transplant surgery is offering a Valentine's Purse Giveaway on their blog, as well as a coupon code to help get the word out about their product. The Giveaway is open only to USA and ends Feb. 9 2015.
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Get 20% off at - the best way to prevent hangovers!
Never Hungover 20% off Banner
Curious about the weird hangover cures?
It piqued my curiosity too.

Never Hungover - Natural Lemon Lime Hangover Prevention Drink

Many hangover symptoms are caused by the body becoming dehydrated, and losing essential nutrients.  People try many different methods of preventing hangovers. Have you heard of some of these?

6 Odd Hangover Cures

Many people swear by these weird hangover cures made from household ingredients. Have you tried any of these?
1. Pickle Juice 

 Pickle juice contains lots of wonderful salty electrolytes that some say help your body recover after a night of heavy drinking. So if all else fails, open up that jar of pickles in the back of the fridge and drink up! 
2. Rubbing Lemon Slices Under Your Armpits 

 In Puerto Rico, you’ll find this remedy to be very common. Some say that rubbing lemon slices under your armpits before drinking counteracts dehydration. Therefore your headache is prevented and you’re feeling A-OK! Well, at least you'll smell lemony fresh! NOTE: Make sure to NOT go in the sun before washing it off -- it will stain your skin! 
 3. The Prairie Oyster (Cocktail)

 Don’t be alarmed. This concoction is as weird as it looks, but many people swear by this! The ingredients?   1 raw egg, 1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper & 2 dashes of Tabasco sauce. Instructions: Crack the egg into a glass, leaving the yolk unbroken. Pour in the Worcestershire sauce, sprinkle the salt and pepper and lastly the tabasco sauce. And gulp. To avoid Salmonella poisoning from the raw egg is another topic you might want to google.
4. Bull’s Eye Another egg-based remedy. 
If your stomach can handle it! Here are the instructions: Add 1 raw egg into a glass of orange juice - that simple. This winning combo is hard to beat -- eggs contain a chemical called cysteine, which helps restore function to your body and orange juice provides the Vitamin C to revitalize your body. Caveat: as above be careful not to get Salmonella poisoning from this cure.
5. Activated Charcoal [In pill form]. 
Activated charcoal is known to have characteristics that entrap chemicals and prevent their absorption. It also provides prevention of nausea. You can find these pills at all major Vitamin shops. 6. Fish Scrape 
This is a common remedy served as a soup in Peru. This remedy includes lime juice, lemon juice, fish stock and fish scraps, garlic and ginger. This will cure your aching head and  it’s supposedly also an aphrodisiac. 
Have you tried any one of these remedies? 
From my experience, the best hangover prevention, is not drinking alcohol.
Never Hungover is a new hangover prevention beverage that you drink 30 minutes before any alcohol, and during alcohol consumption.
Will it work for you?
Never Hung Over is offering a coupon code to let you try it for yourself.

Never Hungover Coupon Savings

Never Hungover has a special limited time coupon banner offer to let you try their product for yourself. The banner below when clicked will give you an automatic 20% savings.
Get 20% off at - the best way to prevent hangovers!
Prevent Hangovers with Never Hungover
If you're truly tired of hangovers, you might try my choice of prevention, that I'm sure you will agree works - don't drink.

Never Hungover Valentine's Purse Giveaway

Never Hungover is offering a Valentines Giveaway with three winers. The giveaway ends February 9, 2015 and three lucky people will each win a fab Michael Kors bag with Retail prices ranging from $300-$500.
image Never Hungover Valentines Purse Giveaway 3 Prives # Ways to win email entry Refer a friend, Join Socials
Never Hungover Valentines Purse Giveaway
You'll find the giveaway tucked in the Never Hungover Blog in the Media Section of the website.
Never Hungover Giveaway - Look under Media on the Blog
Head over to the Never Hungover Website and check it out.
Get 20% off at - the best way to prevent hangovers!
Never Hungover 20% off Banner
Me? I'm wondering if it would be a useful preventative for the common cold or flu.
Remember to check with your doctor before taking any  natural remedies, and to check all ingredients with your pharmacist for possible drug interactions.
Stay safe.
Stay healthy.
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