Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Fab Fresh Freebies Page Added!

USA Freebie Finders Seeking the Freshest Freebies? Check out our New Page!

Posting the freshest Freebies can challenging when you're under the weather. If you're a Blogger, you understand this.
So we were thrilled to get a great opportunity to share an automatically updated page of the freshest freebies with our readers.
FTC Disclosure: USA Freebies N Deals welcomes relevant advertising including affiliate links These links help us put food on our table while sharing great products.
Our newest Fresh Fab Freebies page will be helpful to our readers.
Do you have readers who would enjoy having a resource like this on your blog or website? Here are some tips to help you start getting rewarded for sharing an automatically updated freebies page on your blog or website too.
How can you be rewarded for setting up a Freebies page on your website? Here are a few helpful tips.

How to Be Rewarded for Sharing an Automatically Updated Freebies Page

Here is how we are getting rewarded for sharing our new automatically updated freebies page wuth others. 
  1. Sign up with the right Freebies program. Nit all affiliate programs offer a FREE code for setting up an automatically updated page of freebies. SIGN UP here through my link and you will also get my help with sharing your new page and other tips to help you make the most of this free program. Note: This program is for USA freebies.
  2. Wondering what to write under company on the form? Just use your name if you don't have a company name.
  3. Confirm your email then sign in.
  4. On your dashboard navigate to "Syndicated Savings Set Up" under "Tools". Fill in the form, then copy the code.
  5. On your Blogger Blog back office chose Pages > Then New Page.Create a title, and write about your page and insert the code that you copied.
  6. After publishing the page, be sure it is added to your navigation, and check the links on your page by clicking them.
  7. Let everyone know about your new page. Write a blog post. Ask friends in the USA to check it for typos. Take screenshots regularly of the offerings on your new freebies page. Include a link to your new page in each of your blog posts.
We hope our south of the border friends and family will find these blogging tips handy for stretching their budgets.  
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