Wednesday, October 12, 2016

#Ad Nothing Over $3 Surprising Finds That Rock Our World!

USA Savvy Shoppers Ever Discover Suprises That Knock Your Socks Off? 

Befire you read this post, you need to know something.
I am going to be donating all my earnings from this sale into two fab giving back campaigns.
Did something fall on my head?
You'll understand our enthusiasm when you see what we just had to share!
 What's so amazing we had to head to our blog despite it being a holiday today?
Well, you know by now, we only share truly amazing deals on our blog.
Our friends know that too.
 So to get our attention on a holiday, they knew they needed to offer our readers something pretty special.
What did they come up with  to blow me away?
 I know I'm certainly thankful I opened that email a few seconds ago.
Oh, by the way, Happy Columbus Day to our USA readers who are celebrating today, while we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.
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What is so absolutely amazing that I had to stop and share it with you? What did I discover in this crazy Nothing over $3 Sale ?
Why am  donating all my earnings from the Nothing Over $3 Sale? 
Yes, this Thanksgiving I am so grateful to be alive and have a roof over my head that I am going to flip all my earnings from the Nothing over $3 Sale into ordering these two items for less fortunate.
How am I going to keep that roof over my head if I am giving away all my earnings from the Nothing Over $3 Sale?
Well,  I will have to rely on Our Father to figure that one out, cause when you see these two items, you too may be moved to grab up these giving back deals.
Even if, like me, you don't live in the USA, you may be moved to buy a couple of these giving back items in the Nothing Over $3 Sale.
How does this work?
When you purchase items at the Nothing Over $3 through this link on my blog, you will be doing some happy-hearted shopping.
What kinds of gifts will you find in the Nothing Over $3 Sale?
This amazing sale has great gifts for:

  • Yourself.
  • Your dog.
  • Your letter carrier.
  • Even that pesky kid next door who reminds you of Dennis the Menace.

Hey, with deals at these prices even people searching couch cushions can afford to be generous!
So, drum roll please....
Here are the two givingback items I am instructing my Nothing Over $3 Sale advertiser to put my earnings towards:
Item One - Fleece Blanket for a Shelter

Giving Back -Fleece Blanket for Shelter $3

Regular Price?
Sale Price? $3 !

Item Two - Colouring Books for Tennessee After School Program
So when you purchase anything through my Nothing over $3 link until the end of the sale or November 1, 2016 ,whichever happens first, my little bit of the sale will help one of these programs.
We hope our south of the border family and friends will find this deal handy for stretching their budget.

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