Sunday, October 2, 2016

Do You know This American Thanksgiving Trivia?

USA Freebie Finders How Thanksgiving Savvy Are You


Each Thanksgiving families across the United States gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving. Today I learned some interesting American Thanksgiving Trivia, and I thought I would share it with you.

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While gaining SB for free Gift cards from Swagbucks today, I played an interesting Video Trivia game on Trial Pay.Which is where I found these American Thanksgiving bits of trivia.

Did you know?

American Thanksgiving History Trivia

Although the first Thanksgiving meal between the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians lasted over three days in the autumn of 1621, Thanksgiving didn’t actually become an official national holiday until more than 200 years later!
200 years?
Yes, in 1863, American President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday officially throughout the United States. The story behind this is rather interesting.
Now, you might think a consortium of turkey producers was behind lobbying the American government to institute Thanksgiving as a national holiday, but it wasn't.
Who successfully lobbied the President to make Thanksgiving a national American holiday?
Rumor has it, the writer of the classic children’s song, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Sarah Josepha Hale, persuaded Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a national holiday through years of campaigning in the form of letters she wrote to the President for 17 years!
In his declaration in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday in November to be the national day for Thanksgiving.
Did you know that another president tried to change the date?
They did?
Yes, in 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to change the date for Thanksgiving in order to boost the economy by extending the Christmas shopping season by a week. His plan ultimately failed, and the holiday is, still to this day, celebrated on the last Thursday of November.

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