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[Ref Link] The Weekly Job International Free Money Experiment Update! Dec 1 6:30am

USA Freebie Finders Need Free Money? Try The Weekly Job!

 Update;  This website closed right when I  was supposed to get paid. Grrrr!

After discovering The Weekly Job,  a couple of weeks ago, which says you can earn up to $100 a day for easy online tasks, and decided to try it, we asked our readers on two blogs to join in the experiment. Curious to find out if this free cash program works too? Here are the details, and our progress so far.
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USA Freebies: Earn Easy Money Online - the Weekly Job Experiment
USA Freebies: Earn Easy Money Online - the Weekly Job Experiment
How are we checking to see if this works?
Glad you asked!

The Weekly Job - What Is It?

The Weekly Job Ad says: Earn $50 to $100 Daily Easy from Us . $25 Bonus Sign up. $10 per Task.How does The Weekly Job work?
  1. Sign up at > The Weekly Job.
  2. Create a user name, enter your email address, your mailing address, name, and create a NEW password. IMPORTANT create a NEW password for their site. - You will see $25 in  your account.
  3. Share the joy! Share your link everywhere people who need extra money can be helped. Who doesn't need extra money these days? Your link will look like this: except the id will be different.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT.  Login weekly on your account. The website says minimum payout is $300, and if you don't login for 30 days, all your earnings disappear. YIKES! Be on the safe side, log into your account at The Weekly Job once a week - say every Monday. like us, to check on your progress. This is what we're be doing, and reporting on how The Weekly Job opportunity is working for us.

The Weekly Job Experiment - Our Results So Far

We're quite surprised with the results so far.
When we first joined the Weekly Job, we posted it on USA Freebies N Deals, right away, and our account was credited with $25 dollars. Later, we checked and our account was at $55 dollars, and we posted it on Freebies 4 Canada. 
Free Money - International Opportunity -The Weekly Job

Today, when we first checked in, we discovered that 976 people had visited the link, and several had signed up to join us in investigating this freebie, so our balance was at $215.
We posted the results on Freebies 4 Canada with that screen shot. Now, when we just checked in, again, 1000 people had visited our link and our balance had jumped to $235. We;re almost at the pay out level. When it reaches $300, we'll be able to validate whether this pays out.
That is just from posting the link in two places! Wonder what the results would be if we had posted it in 10 places each day?
Here is today's latest screen shot. Click the picture to enlarge it.
Free Money - International Opportunity -The Weekly Job -Progress Screen Shot Dec 1 2014 6:30 am
We have no idea who our fellow experimenters are, because no one commented to notify us that they've signed up, so thank you to all our anonymous fellow experimenters.
Next, we're going to post The Weekly Job experiment on Rewards 4 Canada.
When the account reaches $300, we'll be able to access the form to see if it will payout.
The more people who join, the sooner we will be able to find out if The Weekly Job does pay. 
Go to The Weekly Job. and sign up so we can get a confirmation on this ASAP.

Join our Free Money -The Weekly Job Experiment 

Help find out - does  The Weekly Job link sharing program  work?
Comment below that you're joining through our link, or leave a comment about your experiences with the program so far. Go to The Weekly Job.
We hope  The Weekly Job Opportunity will work well for all our friends and family world-wide.

We  hope our friends and family around the world  will find this freebie handy for stretching their budgets.

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How is The Weekly job experiment working for you?

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